【Diary in English 】Cycling for Sustainability

【Diary in English 】Cycling for Sustainability


Yesterday, I wrote about the article of banning the sale of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks starting in 2035.

【Diary in English 】No gasoline cars after 2035【Diary in English 】No gasoline cars after 2035

Also, I wrote that our small actions will change both the future and various markets. Then I found this on Trek’s website.

Of course, they are a big manufacturer of bikes. Obviously, they want to increase bike users. Thus, I understand what they said sounds like their advertisement. At the same time, we all knew that
we have to do something different in our life to change the current situation. In fact, this graph is quite shocking.

No car life

Where I live is not a big city like Tokyo, but I don’t need a car when I want to do something. I bought a hybrid bike for my son and he can go a little far away place by himself. As for me, I can go somewhere 100km away from my home by bike. Obviously, I don’t need to ride such a long distance in my daily like for a shopping to a grocery store. For a little huge electric devices, I should say thank you to Amazon or Rakuten. After all, I don’t need to by a car up to now. So, I don’t have a plan to own a car now and in the future.

New values

On the other hand, depending on a place where you live, I understand people must own cars for their life. So, I don’t mean to tell everyone to stop owning cars. However, it must be a good time to reconsider if you really need a car in your life. If your kids are already grown up, it may not be necessary to own a car. There are good things for “No car life”. For example, I don’t need to pay its running cost and parking fee. Going somewhere by bike is a little adventure, even if you ride around your place. You will find small things which you’ve never seen. When I go somewhere with my son, even for a short trip to a book store, he finds something on the way. He found a turtle in a river and we stopped to see it. I can say it will be good for a change both mentally and physically. If you have an opportunity, I would like you to try go somewhere by bike. I believe you will find new delights!


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