【Diary in English】 A new STARWARS? (Sep, 2020)

【Diary in English】 A new STARWARS? (Sep, 2020)


It’s not a flying machine from a new STARWARS! This is the reality!!
The first public test flight of a manned flying car has been completed in Japan — see the SD-03

I saw this kind of this kind of flying vehicle in films, but I didn’t imagine that a Japan-based company has already conducted the first test of the manned flying car at the end of August in 2020. Their name is SkyDrive and they uploaded a movie of this flight.
World debut SkyDrive Manned Flight by SD-03 in the summer 2020 Full Version

Is this a dream or…?

This is definitely the great and exciting news for all of us. However, the question for me is whether this dream flying car should be used for many of us, like conventional cars. I believe many of you have the same answer as me. The answer is NO. It is obviously too dangerous to own it. Imagine a situation that an accident flying car falls to your head. In fact, humans can’t eliminate car accidents completely, even for a day… Honestly, I’m not familiar with this industry. But I can imagine that there must be strict regulations and steps for safety like those for self-driving cars.


Then what are promising applications? It’s easy to say NO at the moment. Now, I would like to imagine a promising use of this dream technology. I think it can be a new rescue method. An empty flying car heads for a victim in the mountain or a challenging place to reach by walking. A self-driving technique helps to do so and this vehicle can bring this back to a town. Or, it may be quite useful to capture an endangered animal from nature. It must be an easy task to give an animal a ride. There should be something attractive on the seat!? In fact, I guess this flying vehicle can be a toy for billionaires at the early stage. Thanks to their “investment”, this technology will be used for our real life after a while. In that case, I hope this flying car will be a new hope in our life. I don’t want it to be an alternate method of conventional cars. We need a hopeful story under this strange situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please leave your comment, if you have a great idea for this future technology.


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