【Diary in English】 Flying Indoor Drone (Oct., 2020)

【Diary in English】 Flying Indoor Drone (Oct., 2020)

Flying indoor drone

I found an interesting toy from Amazon in the US. Well, in fact, it’s not a toy.

They say it’s still not in the market. A customer can preset a path to fly inside a house. You will see how it looks. Wait, I have seen it before…

Metal Gear Solid 2

Oh, now I remember where I saw it before! It was in a video game, Metal Gear Solid 2. Flying drones crawling a specific route in the air, and when they find me they will attack me! I guess some of you may be familiar with a picture in this article?!


I wrote about a flying car the other day. Cars fly outside the home and drones fly inside the home !In addition, we may see many virtual stuffs in the air with smart glasses. In the future, there may be a lot of stuffs wherever we see something! Even so, I believe these technologies must be useful especially for our security and safety. I hope new products will be produced in those areas before releasing our toys. Our space in front of us is limited.


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