【Diary in English】Inconvenient Truth (Oct. 4, 2020)

Inconvenient Truth

We must admit the fact that humans are destroying this planet in the very short term. The attached graph, Extreme ice loss rates, comes from this article.

Greenland Ice Sheet projected to lose ice at the fastest rate since the end of the last Ice Age

I saw the similar graph on the Trek Bicycle’s website.

This graph is about carbon dioxide within earth’s atmosphere. Although the scale of the horizontal axis is much narrower than that of the graph about the Greenland ice sheet, obviously, this change hasn’t been made naturally.

We did this

The scientists who conducted the study warn that the only solution to the current situation is to dramatically decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the near-future. We have to remember that this isn’t for the Earth. This is for the future of ourselves.

Fact and Future

Please let me add one more thing. In fact, even if humans disappear from this planet, the Earth won’t say anything. She doesn’t care about it at all. For her, it is just a small change of the nature. Now, it’s obvious we must change our mindsets immediately. Not only Americans, but also all of us need to go on an energy diet.

Not from tomorrow, from now on!


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