【Diary in English】 Love is all (Sep, 2020)

False or true

If you have a bottle of whisky which is said that its price is over one million staring pound, do you want to waste a portion of it to distinguish whether it is real or not? (It is approx. 135 million JPY/ 1.3 million USD.) Maybe, you don’t want to do that, even for a drop. In this article says researchers at University of St Andrews have developed a new technique to distinguish the authenticity by using lasers.

New method

With a conventional method, it was difficult to distinguish it. Because a detector receives not only a signal from whisky, but also from a glass bottle. To get rid of this noise, they produce a ring of laser light on the bottle surface by using an axicon lens. (You will find the configuration of the optical system at the bottom of the article.) As a result, it is not necessary to open the bottle to distinguish the authenticity of a bottled whiskey!


What I liked about this article is this part. Professor Kishan Dholakia commented, “Personally, I hate it when I have to spare a drop of whisky for validation checks. I’d much rather drink the whole bottle. Laser spectroscopy is a powerful tool for characterizing the chemical make-up of many materials, but to use it to characterize alcohol in its original container in this simple way is really exciting. “Yes, of course! No one wants to spare their whisky for validation checks! Furthermore, the university of St. Andrews is located in Scotland. Needless to say, Scotland is the home of whisky. Their strong passion to whisky have developed the new method.

This is LOVE.

Don’t you think so?


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