【Diary in English】New Idea of Programming

【Diary in English】New Idea of Programming

Paradigm shift in programming?

Can you believe this? Is this the future we will see soon?
No Code Programming And What It Could Look Like For A Blockchain Future

Can you imagine how many online courses to learn programming, such as HTML, CSS and Python, I have checked so far? …Honestly, not so many! But I’ve been thinking to learn some of them to survive an unexpected future. However, is it not necessary to learn those languages? Can we create apps without those languages?

A space of creativity

Actually, I don’t know about the truth of this field. Some articles say we are still at the early stage. Even so, it sounds great if I could create apps without coding. It may be the same situation as launching a website by WordPress. By assembling modules, it is possible to make a website without complicated coding. (There are still a lot of thing to learn though.) I guess one of concerns is a scale of module. I mean an issue is if each module is precise enough to create a desired app. For example, when I used a CMS to create website, it was not comfortable to adjust some components or make a small space as I thought. No-code programming may have similar issues. In other words, it may be difficult to have a high degree of freedom for creating a desired application for a while.

Core skill

However, if we could create an app easily like playing LEGO, how could we refuse it? Then, most of us will have this question. “Which is the best platform for no-code programming?” Actually, when I read this article, I had the same question. At the same time, an idea came into my mind. “The most important skill may be creativity. “If we try to release a new app, we must propose a new user experience for a better future. In that case, it is important to analyze an issue and propose a solution to solve this issue. A.I. can’t cover this part to release an attractive app. So, at this moment, what we should learn may be logical thinking and debating skill to analyze an issue from a neutral position. Of course, I’ll keep my eyes open to this new field, no-code programming. At the same time, I will train my brain to create an amazing app in the future! This topic is really exciting. If you know something about it, please fee free to leave your comment. Thank you very much!


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