【Diary in English】Perovskite Solar Cell

【Diary in English】Perovskite Solar Cell


What is in your mind when you heard of “photovoltaics(PV)”? Many people may think of solar panels on a roof. In fact, PV is the existing technology. We see black panels on houses, buildings and small electric devices such as a calculator. However, did you know that most of current solar panels are classified to a silicon-based solar panel?

Perovskite solar cell

Nowadays, there is a new type of solar cell that researchers all over the world are working with. It is called a perovskite solar cell. Shortly, it is designed by a different method compared with the current type, the silicon-based solar cell. It is said that the perovskite solar cell is much easier to manufacture, dispose and recycle. After all, the new one requires a smaller carbon footprint than the conventional one. If you are interested in what the perovskite solar cell is, please google “perovskite solar cell”. You will find many articles.

Building a sustainable future

Although the perovskite solar cell hasn’t been turned to practical use yet and it will take time to see in front of us, this is the absolutely promising technology to use renewable energy efficiently. It is expected that it will be used not only for current applications, but also new applications. If you look at the picture at the top of this article, you will find a flexible solar cell. It’s light and quite flexible. Then what can we use this for? It may be used for a small drone for a long time flight. Or, a new type of battery charger for our smart phone must be developed. There must be new digital gadgets when the perovskite solar cell is on the market. Speaking of a solar cell, a black and heavy device with a glass cover may come up to your mind. However, in the near future, I believe this new type of solar cell will, the thin and flexible one, change many products and application for our sustainable future. Let’s keep our eyes open for this new solar cell.


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