What is so good about…Facebook?!

Why Facebook, now?

When I talked some people via Twitter, I realized that many people do not use Facebook nowadays. Many of you may think of it as “an old SNS for elder people”. I think that partly true. In fact, there are many good features especially under the chaos of the recent internet. I’m not saying that you should use ONLY Facebook. What I want to say is Facebook will be useful to use with other SNS. So, I would like to share share about tips to use Facebook effectively in this article.

Private mode

First of all, you should set the privacy settings. Then only connected people can see your Facebook page. It is not necessary to open your information to public. You don’t need to connect a person from nowhere. Then you will be able to shut out unnecessary noise. For detailed settings, please refer to this page.

Facebook messenger

Even if you know about a person who met via a different social media such as Twitter, you may not sure if this person is really good person. Or, you may not be with this person so close. In that case, using a Facebook messenger app is useful. You do not need to connect via Facebook. Both of you can contact each other via this app. Then, you do not need to connect many people on Facebook needlessly. You will find this app both for iOS and Android.

Reminders for memories

I also would like you to know that Facebook will be a special photo album. You may say you can post photos in another app. Speaking of photos, you may thing Instagram is the best! However, this is not a tip to be an influencer or a popular among the world. You remember that I recommend you not to disclose your posts to public. A good thing about posting photos on Facebook in private mode is Facebook reminds those memories later on. For example, an old photo comes up with a message, “A year ago today. As for me, I have a son and he is a teenager now. I post a lot of photos on my Facebook page, Facebook reminds me photos I took many years ago. You can also post a short movie you took by your smartphone. In the private mode, you can control the privacy for each post. For example, you can also post an article no one can see it except you. As time passes, you will enjoy this function.

Making a private group

One of the best function of Facebook is you can make a private group very easily. What is a private group? Only limited people can post in that group. It is possible to disclose everything about the group, but I strongly recommend you to disclose it only for members. For example, if you meet some people who has the same interest with you via twitter, it is not easy to contact them all at once. Let’s say you all loves Baby Yoda in Mandalorian. You want to talk about ONLY Baby Yoda with your friends! In that case, you can crest a Facebook group of Baby Yoda by yourself immediately. On the other hand, if you look for a group with a specific word, you may be able to find such a group. The important thing is we do not care about a size of group. Even if that group has only 5 people and each of them learn the same foreign language, it will be a great group! I’m also trying to make a such a group. I’ll mention about it more in a different post. For now, please refer to this link for detailed settings of the Facebook group. Why don’t you make your own Facebook group with your friends?

At last, one more thing

Although there are many other functions in Facebook, I just wanted to share these four features in this post. This is because I’m not a sales person of Facebook. What I wanted to tell you here is Facebook is still a useful international communication tool. Until now, you may feel like Facebook is a remnant of the past. However, why don’t you make a private Facebook group to enjoy your hobby with your friend? No one attacks you in your private group. It also may be a survival technique under the chaos of the net.


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