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Hi there!

I usually tweet tips to practice Japanese in the following account.

Actually, I’m not a Japanese teacher or work at a Japanese school.
I launched this account, because I just wanted to support those who study Japanese.

Japanese is a complicated language. There are three kinds of characters, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.
Also, a casual Japanese conversation is quite different from the one you learn text books.
Of course, leaning basics of Japanese via text books are VERY important.
Even so, using casual Japanese is not easy. This is because most of schools teach in a polite way.
If I talk to you via Twitter, we can communicate in a casual way and it will be a good practice for your study of Japanese.

I plan to play games with those who learn Japanese together. Then we can practice Japanese in a game.
I will write about this more in a different post. I will talk about this kind of event via Twitter.

If you learn Japanese, please feel free to follow me via Twitter.
In that case, please tell me you contact me via this post.

I’m looking forward to talking to you!

Best wishes from Japan,


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