YouTube – Learning Japanese with Games

YouTube – Learning Japanese with Games

When learning language, visual aids help us to understand and memorize new things.
So, I created this YouTube channel to store such information.

Actually, in our YouTube channel, there are several contents as below.
1. Playing games with Japanese learners
When I played games with Japanese learners, I record our gameplay. Then, participants can review our conversation. Also, it will be a good opportunity for Japanese learners to watch Japanese casual conversation. You may find a new expression.

2. Playing games in Japanese version
Not everything, but I record my voice while I play games. It may be interesting for you. Even if I do not speak Japanese, playing a game in Japanese version may be interesting for you. You can read Japanese on the screen.
Also, I often play Fortnite with my son. In this case, we talk in Japanese. Unfortunately, it may be not easy to catch my son’s voice due to a problem of his mic. However, I hope you enjoy our funny game play and conversation between a parent and a child.

3. Learning Japanese/English phrases
In this YouTube play list, I gathered useful short movies.

4. Short videos for tips to practice Japanese
You will find short videos in this channel. I added English subtitles to support your understanding.

I would like to make more short videos, especially from gameplays with Japanese leaners.
However, I usually work at a company. So, I don’t have much time to edit those kinds of movies.
Please wait for a while.

As I wrote above, I play games with Japanese leaners. If you play video games, check my Twitter account and feel free to join us.

Twitter – Learning Japanese with Games


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