Learning Japanese with Games!

What is Brave English Business?

Firstly, I would like to tell you about this blog. I’ve started writing articles on this blog about several months ago. Basically, this blog is for Japanese business people who are not familiar with using English on their job. Since I’ve been working at several companies by using English over 10 years, I tried to post useful tips to use English on the job through my experiences. As you may know, for many of Japanese are afraid of making a mistake when they use English, even for a word. In fact, I believe the more important thing is that recognizing the fact that English is just a tool. However, it was not easy for me to spread this idea.

Why are you trying to add contents of Learning Japanese with Games?

I posted articles every day for two months, but it was difficult to be found on the net. This is because this blog is quite brand-new. Also, I know a number of articles are not enough. It is possible to keep writing about business, but I wanted to add something new. About a month ago, I started a new activity on Twitter. This is for supporting those who want to learn “Japanese”. However, I know there are already a lot of Japanese teachers on the net. So, I decided to propose a communication via games. There are many ways to practice a foreign language by using games. In fact, I learned English a lot from games, especially from Metal Gear Solid series. So, I keep tweeting tips to practice Japanese on Twitter. Here is my Twitter account. Please check it, if you learn Japanese. However, the problem of Twitter is information flows so fast. Therefore, I thought I need a place to store my tweets. This is why I decided to add this content to this blog, although it is not related to English for business. Basically, I will write about this content in English.


I understand all of you don’t play games. So, I’ll try to tell you useful information to practice Japanese via this blog, even if you do not play a game. Or, if you play the same game with me, such as Fortnite, Monster Hunter Rise and so on, please let me know. We can play it together with talking in Japanese. That’ll be fun!

Thank you for reading this post and welcome to my blog.
I’m looking forward to talking to you, both in English and Japanese!


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