【Diary in English】A Parcel from the Sky

【Diary in English】A Parcel from the Sky

Looking up into the sky

Can you imagine that ordered products will be delivered from the sky? It is not a scientific fiction. It will happen in Northwest Arkansas in the U.S. from early next year. It will happen next year, not decades later! A customer can order items via online and a drone will deliver ordered items to drop them to your place in less than an hour.

Sniper attack

Meanwhile, I always concern one thing when I think about the shipment by a drone. There must be a certain amount of people who try to snipe items. It’s obvious that a drone have valuable items. Bad guys can rob items by sniper attacks and will sell them via Amazon. This may be a new type of crime.
Of course, a drone must equip something to prevent such attacks. They should disclose this kind of safeguards in advance. Then those guys will give up to attack a drone. Ordered items must be protected for sure!

Paradigm shift

In the near future, we may purchase items by two ways. TV, furniture and a certain sized item are ordered by Amazon. For daily necessities which we purchase at a grocery store, we will purchase them and expect a drone to bring ordered items. Then what will be changed in our life? We don’t need to drive for shopping. Many people may not need a car any more. In the near future, a self-driving car or Uber may be enough to go somewhere by car. (Since the car industry is huge, no one wants to mention about an inconvenient truth. They need an alternative solution to earn money before saying that.)In 2020, although we are in the difficult situation, at the same time, we realize that the air will be cleaned when we stop using cars. A combination of new technologies will cause a paradigm shift. This news also may be a part of it for our sustainable future.


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