Let’s practice English by Death Stranding 【April 4th, 2022】



Die-hardman: Sam, we want you to go west and finish what Amelie started.
The people she left behind have been hard at work setting up chiral network terminals.

But these terminals are still isolated. We need you to bring them online.
And for that, you’ll need a Q-pid. This contains all the necessary security and operations protocols to integrate a terminal into the chiral web.

Take the Q-pid west, Sam, and reconnect the people of our great nation.
And when you get to Edge Knot City, find Amelie and bring her home.

Amelie: After that, I’ll take over the presidency and carry on Mother’s work to save the country.

Die-hardman: This was Bridget’s dying wish. This is how we’ll move forward.


(be) hard at work

bring home

take over


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